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Orders being dispatched

RFIDsecur contactless cards piled high
RFID Cloaked first production run of RFIDsecur contactless protection cards. Ready for delivery for our Kickstarter backers.

Thanks to our amazing backers on Kickstarter, we have finally produced and are now dispatching the first ever production RFIDsecur™ contactless protection cards. They are even better than we had expected after completing some manufacturing changes at the last minute. This has meant RFID Cloaked have managed to produce even thinner cards than originally achieved in our prototypes. At around 270 microns these are the thinnest and best contactless protection cards currently available.
Another change to the manufacturing process has produced smoother edges, far superior than our prototypes meaning less likely to catch on other cards when being slide next in a wallet or purse.

Kickstarter Logo
Funded with Kickstarter
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Kickstarter funding

RFIDsecur card and contactless bank card
Kickstarter Logo
We can now say, funded with Kickstarter.


Our aim was to raise £4,775 pounds through our first Kickstarter campaign, so we could go through the Hewlett Packard Indigo Media Certification Program. Allowing us enough money to cover the cost of the trial, manufacture enough RFIDsecur™ material to produce the rewards for our backers and for the testing process used in the HP trial. We also need to allow for taxes and fees associated with raising the funds.

We are now over the shock and awe of finishing our first Kickstarter project. Lots of late nights and long days, we put our hearts into this project and we are so glad to say we’ve come out of the other side.

Kickstarter funding page
Screenshot of our finished Kickstarter project for RFIDsecur blocking cards

What can I say, we smashed it and raised £6,831 and we are overwhelmed by the support and the pledges made, we are still getting people asking for RFIDsecur™ blocking cards after the deadline. Backers from all over the world,  have pledged and put their trust in us.

RFID and NFC Blocking cards
Kickstarter rewards consist of RFIDsecur™ RFID and NFC Blocking cards, we have 5 designs to choose from

What next

The Kickstarter project may have finished, but the work is far from over. We have to contact all our backers confirm designs and numbers. Finalising the details, organising the manufacturing of the RFIDsecur™ material and printing of the RFID, NFC blocking cards designs. And then, there are all our new followers on our social media channels, without who, I’m sure this campaign wouldn’t have been successful.


Having completed our first campaign on Kickstarter, lessons have been learned and we now feel we are better prepared for future projects.  Already talking about a new project, with new rewards as well as some old ones, watch this space.

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Kickstarter project live – RFIDsecur™ RFID and NFC blocking cards


It’s actually happened and our Kickstarter fund-raising is active please visit and pledge, if you can’t pledge please share and spread the world as it all helps.

On the first day we’ve raised nearly 10% of our Kickstarter fund-raising target and we’ve still got 26 days to go, with all the support, hopefully we will reach our target.



This fund-raising is as much about raising the profile of our new material RFIDsecur™ as the fund-raising to get Hewlett-Packard approval for digital printing. We are aiming to reach out to manufacturers and businesses that need new materials work with them to help produce some of the best RFID and NFC blocking products on the market. This card shows how versatile RFIDsecur™ is, printable, ultra thin, flexible whilst still being able to block multi frequencies of 13.56Mhz and 125Khz.

RFID and NFC Blocking cards
Kickstarter rewards consist of RFIDsecur™ RFID and NFC Blocking cards, we have 5 designs to choose from


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Press Release – RFIDsecur™


Eliminate the threat of data theft and fraud against contactless IDs and credit cards with easy to customize fabric

2 Nov 2016 – Exeter UK

RFID Blocking Lab testing
RFIDsecur™ final material being tested for quality and RF blocking, the final material passed testing for RFID NFC blocking both 13.56Mhz and 125Khz signals.

Anyone who carries a touchless or contactless ID is at risk from fraudsters using mobile phones and skimming devices to clone/read cards and assist with identity theft. As demonstrated in the attached video, in less than 10 seconds, fraudsters using remote scanning devices can steal your credit card number, expiration date, pin entry data and transaction history.

“The problem is pervasive and there is a real opportunity for manufacturers of clothing, wallets, and bags as well as payment, loyalty and building-access cards to weave security into their product design,” said Julian Ghail, founder of RFIDCLOAKED. “As a proof of concept for Kickstarter, we’ve developed a revolutionary wallet insert that shields all RFID card types in the near field, enabling passive protection of your cards, without interfering with retail security systems or card conflicts at the point of sale (POS) terminal which many jamming cards are doing. The material can be sewn, folded and printed

For Kickstarter, RFIDCLOAKED has created an incredibly thin, ultra light super flexible contactless card theft protector that is only 0.3mm thick (the average credit card is 0.8mm). RFIDCLOAKED’s Kickstarter project is the only card on the market to offer full protection of RFID NFC cards with none of the bulk. The size of a business card, the wallet-insert slips neatly into any type of wallet or billfold and provides instant protection from fraudsters.

“We’ll be introducing new product design concepts over the coming months to demonstrate just how flexible this new fabric technology can be,” said Ghail.


Julian Ghail

+44 (0)7883 037667


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Kickstarter project

We have recently submitted out Kickstarter project for approval and have just had our confirmation email saying we have been accepted.  Wish us luck for the next part of our journey, or even better pledge and get some of our cards.

Kickstarter reward card
Kickstarter project, one of reward designs for the RIFD NFC blocking cards

Kickstarter launch

The Kickstarter project will be launched very soon, there are a number of pledges and rewards and we have some great ideas for more.

You will be able to get singles, doubles and family packs, there is also an option for dealers and promotions cards, with the option to have your own artwork on the cards.

Dealer reward Kickstarter

The dealer offer for our Kickstarter project will  be 200 RFID NFC contactless blocking cards for £1,000 , these could be used for promotional and  business use, launch of a new product, business cards promotional material. Once the user understands the concept that the cards protect against RFID NFC scanning and card protection, these card will always be in their wallet or purse with your information.


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How safe is contactless payment? BBC – Rip Off Britain

What you should know about making a contactless payments

How easy is it to get at data stored on your contactless bank card, it’s easy than you think.

Card data scanned without authorisation

BBC Rip Off Britain investigate how easy it is to use your bank card data scanned using a smart phone, all this is possible with shocking results. The security expert makes an Amazon online payment using the scanned card data.

BBC Rip Off Britain

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Hacking RFID devices using NFC smartphones

Presentation showing the ease of access to data on RFID devices using standard NFC equipped smartphones.

RFID hacking exploits
What is possible using an NFC smartphone hacking RFID data cards

The presentation describes potential vulnerabilities in various RFID devices (Mifare, RFID biometric passports, Mastercard PayPass, VISA PayWave) and how to exploit them using NFC smartphones.

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Contactless card owners warned against public transport scanner hack

Facebook post has gone viral, after a man, Paul Jarvis, saw a thief scamming people out of their money in a tech-savvy manner.

He was putting through payments of less than £30 in a wireless card reader and touching it on wallets of unsuspecting people.

Mr. Jarvis took a picture and posted it on Facebook, writing: “So this guy was spotted wandering round with a Point of Sale (POS) device. All he has to do is key in a price less than £30 and then touch the device on the pocket that contains your wallet.

“Ching! You’ve just been charged automatically on your touch pay enabled credit/debit card…. We just tried this in my local pub with their POS device and it worked…

“(I’ve actually shown people this using the NFC function on my mobile to read their card data through their wallet to freak them out but this is the first time I’ve seen someone doing it for real). Time to invest in a screened wallet I guess…”

And it’s true – some card readers can scan through wallets.

Contactless cards are now wildly popular, and used in one in seven sales.

While much of this increase came from the introduction of contactless fares on the Transport for London network in late 2014, Visa Europe said the technology had already spread far beyond the capital’s buses and trains.

“Sixty percent of contactless transactions now take place outside the M25, confirming this isn’t just a London phenomenon. At this rate, cash will be seen as a peculiar way of paying for things in as little as five years’ time,” said Kevin Jenkins, UK and Ireland managing director.

In numbers contactless payments


Year Barclays introduced the first contactless cards

74.5 million

Contactless cards in circulation in the UK


Spending limit per transaction (it was raised from £20 in September 2015)

1 in 3

Proportion of card transactions made using contactless payment in London in 2014


Average amount spent in each contactless transaction by the end of 2014

Cashless payments overtook notes and coins last year, according to the Payments Council. While it took plastic cards 49 years from the first Barclaycard to become the dominant payment method, contactless technology has grown rapidly since the first UK transactions in 2007.

There have been security worries with contactless cards in the past.

The “tap and go” cards, which can be used for purchases under £30 without the need to enter a four-digit PIN or signature, do not require automatic authorisation from banks.

Purchases therefore may not appear on a customer’s account for some time after a card has been reported lost or stolen, leaving thieves free to keep using them at will.

The onus is then on the customer to check their statements and report any subsequent fraudulent activity to their bank in order to apply for a refund.

RBS and NatWest, admitted that “in theory a small number of contactless transactions could be made before the card is blocked.”

Barclaycard said: “When a customer reports a card lost or stolen, a block is applied to the card preventing all further activity. However, some contactless transactions are processed offline so may not appear on a customer’s account until after the block has been applied.”

“We offer a 100% fraud guarantee for anyone who is a victim of contactless fraud .”

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