​​​​This wallet is going to significantly improve your contactless experience..

The contactless wallet from RFID Cloaked. Contactless, payments as they should be, convenient, fast, safe & secure. 

Simply slide to pay, release, and go! Your card doesn't need to be removed from the wallet, join us as we make this product a reality. To find out more please sign up and follow our journey.

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Our wallet is:

Convenient to use, RFID Secure, Minimalist. Takes cards and notes, it has simple single handed operation, Ergonomic design, Environmentally conscious (fully recyclable), it is non gender specific and it also happens to be Vegan friendly!

​​​​​​Why Trust us to deliver? Here's Feedback from customers of our previous Kickstarter campaign

Hi @RFIDCloaked found out this morning that your card works! Couldn't enter the bus because I put your card wrongfully in my wallet. Great!

Jeroen Bartelse

Got my cards today and they look so amazing. Thank you for your hard work guys, will buy more soon.                                                        


Who are we ?

We're two family guys, part of a small UK team, who have designed, developed and manufactured in the UK since our previous successful Kickstarter in 2016. Please feel free to find out more about us here.

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