Slim & stylish
Contactless rfidblocking Wallet

Slide Pay Go 
"contactless as it should be"

No more fumbling for your card to pay, simply slide out pay release and go

It makes paying by contactless effortless, as easy as slide, pay, go

Key Features

• Innovative and unique design
• Retractable tray on either side

Slide your card out to be read
• Tap to pay then retract to secure
• Designed for one handed use
• Perfect for everyday use

• No need to remove card

About our RFIDSecur Wallet

Designed for you to use on the go, delivering the perfect balance between form and function. The sleek, minimalist design is understated with an urban edge. Made from robust materials with our RFID blocking fabric at its core, it protects your cards from being read without your knowledge.

It makes paying by contactless as easy as slide, pay, go

Functional Fashion

The trend for minimalism influenced the design of our secure wallet. We expect the accessories we carry daily to be functional, we also want them to express our individual style. Our wallet blends function and fashion – perfectly.

Slim and Stylish

The slim styling makes our secure wallet a stylish accessory in its own right. It also makes it small enough to fit comfortably into a front pocket or suit pocket, discreetly and without unnecessary bulk. Perfect for daily use.

Take what you need

Designed for your everyday carry, our wallet is designed to hold up to 4 cards securely. Embrace minimalism and take only what you need. Grab your RFIDsecure cardholder and leave your old fashioned, bulky wallet at home!

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Slide to pay, release for safe mode.

What Our Customers Are Saying

What do our past backers think of our RFID blocking technology?

Got my @RFIDCloaked delivered off @Kickstarter. Thanks guys! #fintech

Chris Gledhill

CEO & Co-founder at Secco

We need the highest level of identity, data and geolocation’s privacy protection. It’s essential for us, it’s vital for our clients, RFID Cloaked’s team did it, great communication skills, great technical support and great strategic partners.

Diego Pipoli


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