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The thinnest contactless blocking cards available, blocks both bankcards and security passes from being read or cloned. Our materials block Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC, RFID, mobile phone and data connections.


Customers are amazed that our blocking NFC card works both in front and behind the card it is protecting.


The highest grade of materials means the RFIDsecur blocking cards stops unauthorised access to your money and data.


Always working to protect your contactless data. Researching and developing RF blocking security materials and products.

RFID Cloaked is a private limited company based in Exeter, Devon. Established in the South West of England in 2015, we manufacture and supply RFID blocking cards for ID cards, contactless payment credit and debit cards. We also supply our material as NFC and electromagnetic shielding film/ fabrics.

Our shielding films protect against radio frequencies: such as Bluetooth, Wifi, RFID and NFC, 3 and 4G mobile phone  signals

We protect and secure ID cards (Identification) and payment cards from being hacked, skimmed and cloned from the most powerful RFID and NFC readers for frequencies of 13.56Mhz and 125Khz.

We have new products under development for full shielding of passports and mobile phones for example.

If you require any further information please contact us.

Our Products

RFID Blocking Cards and Film
  • RFID blocking card in wave design by RFID Cloaked stops both bank cards and HID prox security access passes

    RFID Blocking Card RFIDsecur™

    RFIDsecur™ contactless blocking protection.

    Stop data theft or fraud of your ID, data and money.

    Protection for all contactless cards, passes and passports: ID and access cards, credit and debit cards, passports, hotel keys, travel and transit cards.

    Blocks cards, passports and passes from being hacked, skimmed, read or cloned. Stops unauthorised access to your money and data.

    Block frequencies of 13.56Mhz and 125Khz.

    Works …

  • RFID blocking material RFIDsecur™, Composite Film, RFID fabric, photo

    RFID Blocking Material RFIDsecur™

    RFIDsecur™ SRA3 single sheets. RFID blocking material for use in wallets, purses, sleeves, card holders.

    It protects contactless payment cards or keyless access cards for ensuring RFID card security, contactless payment risk reduction, personal data protection.

    SRA3, NFC and contactless shielding/blocking film, used in RFID Cloaked blocking cards.

    Block RFID, NFC, Contactless.

    Block frequencies of 20Khz, 100Khz, 125Khz/134Khz, 13.56Mhz.

    Supplied …

  • RFID Wallet RFIDsecur™, photo

    RFID Wallet for Contactless Cards RFIDsecur™

    RFID blocking card holder wallet.

    RFID/NFC/contactless data safe wallet.

    Duo contactless card slider. Quick contactless payments without removing bank cards from your wallet.

    Thin, lightweight, minimalist wallet with added security.

    Smooth sliding card drawer makes contactless payments easy.

    By design the card holder always closes when not being held open, securing the cards within.

    Proven RFIDsecur™ material acts as a shield against accidental or unauthorised payments.

    Holds …

Our team are dedicated to protecting RFID data.

Julian Ghail


Serial entrepreneur Julian trained as a communications and rf engineer before changing to manufacturing parts for F1 engines for Mercedes Mclaren (Ilmore racing) and Cosworth Ferrari, before founding RFID Cloaked with the aim of improving personal financial and data security.

Profile image of David Danfer

David Danfer

CAD Designer

Karen Hutchings

Client side development

Volodymyr Tokach


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Diego Pipoli

CEO Gattopardo

We need the highest level of identity, data and geolocation’s privacy protection. It’s essential for us, it’s vital for our clients, RFID Cloaked’s team did it, great communication skills, great technical support and great strategic partners.

Jeroen Bartelse

Innovation manager #insurtech

Good to see a @kickstarter campaign actually come to life! Contactless payment cards are now protected thanks to @RFIDCloaked #RFIDsecur

Hi @RFIDCloaked found out this morning that your card works! Couldn't enter the bus because I put your card wrongfully in my wallet. Great!Hi @RFIDCloaked found out this morning that your card works! Couldn't enter the bus because I put your card wrongfully in my wallet. Great!

Chris Gledhill

#FinTech Influencer

Got my @RFIDCloaked delivered off @Kickstarter. Thanks guys! 👍 #fintech

Marco Leeuwerink

Yeah! Won some nice @RFIDCloaked shielding passes, helps to keep my rfid on my banking pass safe! Find them on #kickstarter!


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