Aluminium foil – the myth

It is widely reported that simply wrapping your radio frequency card be it ID card or credit card in aluminium foil will protect you from e pickpocketing, RFID hacking or cloning. This is not a complete truth and a simple evidence based test proves the case.

Aluminium foil or kitchen foil as an RFID blocker

What aluminium foil can do is reduce the effectiveness of card readers and interfere with the performance of the card being read which is why people assume it works generally. But regular aluminium foil (kitchen foil) or EMC static bags etc have no specific ability to block RFID, it is not designed to do this, it is simply one of the natural characteristics of aluminium.

RFID Cloaked uses a specifically created combination of materials to have characteristics and properties to reflect absorb and diffuse RF signals used in RF card/reading applications.  Our product RFIDsecur™ is specifically designed to protect your card, placed with your card either in front or behind or,  in an ID card holder case, wallet, purse the card cannot be read unless there is physical contact with a very high-powered reader – Readers that are built to skim your card information illegally by exceeding the limits of legal readers at a distance will not work. Thus only with your knowledge, can someone with one of these illegal readers, physically place the card on their reader to read your information.

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