Did you know what are RFID cards? These cards operate at different frequencies: low and high. We will list the frequencies at which the main types of contactless cards work. 

Not all RFID cards are the same

There are two types of cards: RFID contactless cards with 125KHz and 13.56Mhz frequency chips. 

The first type of chip is called Low Frequency (LF), second – High Frequency (HF).

Low Frequency (LF) RFID chip

125KHz. It is used in the Access control field, identification field, and safety management. 

  • Old ID cards.
  • Old access cards.
  • Safety management systems.
What are RFID cards, contactless bank card, photo

Contactless bank card. To protect such card it is better to use RFID blocking cards

High Frequency (HF) RFID chip

13.56MHz. It is used in high-security request fields. 

  • Newer debit and credit cards.
  • Passports.
  • New ID and access cards.
  • Hotel keys.
  • Transit cards.
  • Cards with these symbols RFID contactless payment symbol NFC symbol

Blocking RFID cards with 125KHz and 13.56Mhz chips. One solution for all frequencies

Is there a solution that will protect all contactless cards from both 125KHz frequency and 13.56Mhz frequency chips at the same time? Yes. It is RFIDsecur™ RFID blocking card. It will protect both types of contactless cards. The cards are made of a special composite film: RFIDsecur ™Composite Film. One simple material with no complications. 

RFIDsecur™ fabric was developed and tested in the UK, with testing undertaken at Plymouth University Brunel department and it is manufactured in the UK.


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