As contactless cards have become more common, a market for wallets, card sleeves or clothing that protect personal data has grown up. Let’s see why you might need the RFID blocking wallet and purse.

Contactless cards (radio frequency identification cards) use radio frequency identification technology (RFID) to transmit personal information to card readers. Some people are nervous about fraudsters grabbing their data and so opt for card holders that block RFID signals. Others argue this risk has been exaggerated. That no special card RFID protector and other tech are needed to protect the cards.

Here are three considerations for those who are still undecided about whether to invest in an RFID blocking wallet, a purse with RFID protection or RFID blocking card sleeve.

Your personal risk profile

Banking and financial trade association UK Finance notes there have been no verified reports of fraudsters taking money from somebody’s contactless card in the UK by bumping in to them using an RFID bank card reader – a technique known as ‘skimming’. Moreover, most cards have security measures that ensure payments are fully-traceable and legal safeguards. These measures help victims recoup stolen money. Even so, skimming of RFID credit cards is technically possible and the press has reported alleged cases. Albeit often related to travel abroad. So taking precautions and buying RFID blocking card wallet tech may be prudent – but it really depends on what risk you perceive.

Sharpen up your look. How to protect your data

A common recommendation to those who are nervous about skimmers is to simply encase their contactless cards in tinfoil or kitchen foil rather than buy RFID protection. While this may work, most people will agree tinfoil is not a stylish addition to a wallet. Indeed, one of the customised RFID blocking card sleeves on the market will certainly give you a better-looking wallet. While ensuring you do not have to unwrap your cards like leftovers in the fridge. So, it may be better to invest in proper RFID blocking technology that looks good and allays your worries about data theft. Rather than just making do with a substitute.

RFID blocking wallet: making modern living easier

The first generation of RFID blocking wallets often forced people to remove their cards from the holders. Separate them from metal objects or other contactless cards before paying. All of this made other aspects of life, such as swiping in and out of the London underground tube stations, more inconvenient. The new generation of RFID card holder wallets however, has been designed with solving the inconvenience of contactless in mind. The best designs allow users to keep cards in an anti scan wallet while paying, making RFID contactless payment much easier.

Do you decide to buy RFID blocking technology? We recommend using wallets and contactless blocking cards from RFID Cloaked company with RFIDSecur technology.

You can place RFID blocking cards alongside your contactless bank card, in your wallet, purse or ID holder, guaranteeing protection against theft of your information or unauthorised payments while still allowing you – and only you – full use of your cards. They also come in a range of stylish designs.

‘If you are interested in any of the RFID blocking card protectors, take a look at our online-shop.

Updated in June 2020

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