We have recently submitted out Kickstarter project for approval and have just had our confirmation email saying we have been accepted.  Wish us luck for the next part of our journey, or even better pledge and get some of our cards.

Kickstarter reward card

Kickstarter project, one of reward designs for the RIFD NFC blocking cards

Kickstarter launch

The Kickstarter project will be launched very soon, there are a number of pledges and rewards and we have some great ideas for more.

You will be able to get singles, doubles and family packs, there is also an option for dealers and promotions cards, with the option to have your own artwork on the cards.

Dealer reward Kickstarter

The dealer offer for our Kickstarter project will  be 200 RFID NFC contactless blocking cards for £1,000 , these could be used for promotional and  business use, launch of a new product, business cards promotional material. Once the user understands the concept that the cards protect against RFID NFC scanning and card protection, these card will always be in their wallet or purse with your information.


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