Mobile Phone payments and a cashless future?

On first consideration, being able to pay for small items with your mobile phone seems like a really great idea. After all, you always have your mobile with you and it saves the hassle of having to carry cash and cards around, right?


Contactless payment fraud soars to £7m

The amount of money fraudulently spent using contactless payment cards and mobile devices has increased by £4.2m as their usage across the population has become more widespread. Almost £7m was taken in 2016, compared to £2.8m in 2015, according to Financial Fraud Action UK. In the same period, contactless spending rose Read more…



After successfully being funded on Kickstarter we have started to deliver our first RFIDsecur™ card orders. Kickstarter backers are beginning to receive the first batch of these contactless protection cards. We’ve been receiving some great feedback from many of our #RFIDsecur card #Kickstarter backers we thought we’d share some with Read more…